2011: TV For The Rest Of Us


We only got a few minutes with Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah) but she was as usual very sweet and charming. She got our attention with one little speculative slip (which ended up being only her opinion) and didn’t give away any spoilers.

What are your feelings about this being the last season?
I think that it’s been really great that we have been told that it’s our final season. I think it’s really important for the writers because they can write toward a definite ending. Every other season they’ve had to write a bit of both, an ending and a beginning if we get picked up which we have. It’s been very emotional out there, it was very emotional at the panel at the end.

What can we see in this new season now that you guys own the Buy More? What’s changed?
I think there’s a whole new dynamic to explore. Not only are Chuck and Sarah married but Morgan’s now very much involved in the spy world with the new intersect. For me, it’s going to be a lot of “Oh my God, Morgan’s got the intersect, what is he doing?” along with “Oh my God, Chuck doesn’t have the intersect, what is he doing?” And I see a lot of married couple fights with Morgan in the middle, it’s going to be interesting. Pregnancy…(sees the shocked reaction). No, I don’t know, I don’t know!

Do you want that?
I don’t know, if they put it end, it’ll be near the end. I can’t imagine the spy thing being pregnant, right? Maybe, I don’t know. Is there anyone in the history of spies and superheroes that’s had pregnant spy? (press shouts out various answers, so yes).

Is there anything that you’re hoping that Sarah gets to do this season that you haven’t gotten to do before?
On the family side I’d like to meet her mom, and close that book, that’s kind of important. As far as stunts go, maybe like jumping out of a plane. Maybe we can do it for real and film it. That would be kind of fun.

An you’ll be part owners of the Buy More now, so you’ll have vested business interests as well as the spy stuff.
Yeah, that’s right, that’s going to add a bit of pressure. There’s a lot of pressures with the new business I think.

Are you going to wear any new outrageous outfits in the new episodes?
I’m sure they will think of something. I can’t imagine what else they can do other than belly dancing outfits.

Are any of those costumes your favorites?
I did like the belly dancing. Once I figured out how to do it, it was fun.

Did you have any lessons?
Yes, I had a lesson.

Reappearance of the Cat Squad perhaps?
Oh, that’s what I’d love to see. I love those girls. I think that Mekenna Melvin who plays Morgan’s girlfriend (Alex) should join the squad. She has a black belt in real life.

TV For The Rest of Us, 2011.