2009: FanBolt


We caught up with Yvonne Strahovski to chat about Chuck at Comic Con ’09. Check it out below!

So, couples spying, that sounds like it’s going to be fun.
Yvonne Strahovski: Yeah, it’s going to be a bit of Mr. and Mrs. Smith situation, I think.

When did you find out during the second season that change was going to happen?
Yvonne Strahovski: That Chuck was going to know kung fu?

Yvonne Strahovski: Probably about three days before we actually shot the episode.

Fantastic, they keep you up to date.
Yvonne Strahovski: They love to do that. We are very informed on what’s going on. Actually I know nothing about what’s happening in season 3.

Have they proposed any physical stunts that you just absolutely refused to do like hanging upside down or jumping from a helicopter?
Yvonne Strahovski: No, I would love to jump from a helicopter. That would be fun. No, I love doing all that stuff. I get really excited when I have to do a fight scene.

Are you and Zach going to work out with each other? Are you guys prepared?
Yvonne Strahovski: I don’t know? I don’t think he has been preparing. Mind you, I haven’t either. I’ve got from between now and the sixth of August to start lifting some weights or something, or running around the block.

How was it for you to finally consummate that chemistry that’s been going on for so long?
Yvonne Strahovski: It’s great. It’s so great watching it afterward and seeing it all pieced together. You kind of go along for the journey like everyone else is watching it. It’s hard for us, because we shoot out of sequence. Everything is kind of in shambles until we see it. I think it was a great moment. I think there should be more like that in the third season. It’s good to kind of go up and down with the love thing.

Do you think there will be anymore female bonding between you and Ellie in the third season?
Yvonne Strahovski: Yeah, there should be more of that. Maybe there’s going to be more of that. Maybe there will be more stuff with the Buy More guys. I’m so separate from that world a lot of the time because I’m in the spy world, and it would be nice to interact a bit more with the group as a whole.

Have you been working on any side projects?
Yvonne Strahovski: Yeah, I just got back from Australia. I shot a couple of movies. One is a romantic comedy called I Love You Too. The other one is called Love and Mortar, it’s a drama. I guess maybe you will be hearing about those next year or something.

Fanbolt, 2009.